GAP Website Redesign

Problem Statement:

As someone with history working in the fashion industry, I see the same problem time and time again: a disconnect between the consumer and the apparel product. Online shopping is increasingly the way of the world, but most consumers aren’t catered to in an online shopping environment. This has lead to some new start ups focusing on these missed opportunities: subscription plans that send people complete outfits based on their size and preference (e.g., Stitch Fix, Trunk Club) and brands making clothes aimed at a particular size (e.g., petite men, plus sized women).

GAP is a brand that has always sent a message of inclusivity; as a result, their website has so much product, it is overwhelming and not catering to anyone in particular.


If the GAP website was redesigned to cater to the particular user, they would have higher sales and fewer returns.


The Current GAP Site Map & Notes

Notes from the GAP website

Examining the Current GAP website


User Personas


Competitive Analysis


User Flows